A Land Where Children Are Loved

I want to live in a land where children are loved
The born as well as the unborn

A place where children are treasures
Protected at all costs
Free to play, learn, grow, become

I want to live in a land where guns are safe
For target practice
For hunters who love outdoors
The thrill of the power of the bullet
Does no more harm than
Kill for food or sport the wild creatures
That are too many
Or made of clay

I want to live in a land where politicians have
Moral compasses
Where they have the courage to say No
To protect the children
Where they have wisdom to say Yes
To sanity

But politicians will never be braver than we are
Or wiser than we choose to be
Blame them for our failures
Blame them because we love guns
More than children

* Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “A Land Where Children Are Loved

  1. I missed this one when it came out but looked for it when Jason mentioned your poetic prowess. You are truly talented insightful.


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