Lamenting to Hope

One-half million people are gone. Our nation has passed a milestone of immense tragedy: 500,000 dead from Covid-19. More US citizens have died in a the past year from this novel virus than died in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam combined. The devastation is unfathomable. And the per capita number of Americans who have perished from … More Lamenting to Hope

Giving Thanks

Albert Einstein once said that the most important question for a human to ask is this: “Is the universe friendly?”[1] It’s a particularly good question for 2020. This year that began with hopes of seeing all things better (with 20-20 vision) has turned out to be a year of unprecedented wildfires and hurricanes, blatant racism, … More Giving Thanks

Living In Between

These days we are all living in between, in a liminal space. Liminality is an in-between state, as if you’ve left one room but are not yet in the next room. It’s a place of transition that leaves us looking backward at what was, and ahead at what will be, sometimes feeling unsettled by the … More Living In Between

Listen. See.

In the early May morning on the back porch the birds and breeze testify.  Listen. See.  The world gnashes teeth over the economic disaster upon us. Corona is infecting everything. The tumblers of bankruptcy are clicking into place, one after another. The stock market rises on hopes of reopening the economy. The stock market falls … More Listen. See.