Thanks, Dad

Thanks, Dad.  I’m thinking about him today. Dad died 1½ years ago at 92, having lived a long and good life. As I think back today, I’m recalling how he enjoyed life, loved God and his family, and worked really hard at a job he adored for 36 years as a professor and administrator at a Christian … More Thanks, Dad

A Time to Mourn

“I can’t breathe.” Air is free. Oxygen is everywhere. We have to breathe to live. But some cannot breathe. In hospital rooms around the globe covid victims on ventilators are trying to breathe. The virus takes your breath away. On asphalt in too many American cities black men are pinned to the ground, crying out, … More A Time to Mourn

Listen. See.

In the early May morning on the back porch the birds and breeze testify.  Listen. See.  The world gnashes teeth over the economic disaster upon us. Corona is infecting everything. The tumblers of bankruptcy are clicking into place, one after another. The stock market rises on hopes of reopening the economy. The stock market falls … More Listen. See.

They Both Laughed

I wrote this blog in early March, but felt it unfit for the season of Lent, expecting to offer it instead sometime after Easter. Now, following the celebration of Resurrection, we are overwhelmed by the reality of a global pandemic and economic collapse. These are serious days. Yet, in an unexpected response to the painful … More They Both Laughed